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Welcome, Superhero!

Our clients give us a 5-star rating for customer satisfaction!

We had no doubt you'd find us, being a Superhero and all...

Being the "Lone Ranger" can be really hard. Running your business, doing your marketing and social media, spending time with your clients, dealing with all those back office tasks and changing the world. Working alone may be heroic, but a Sidekick can help you to make a greater impact. You could become LEGENDARY! 


With us by your side you can 


  • delegate all your back office and non-revenue generating tasks

  • focus on your clients, your strategy and profit margins

  • reclaim work-life balance (yes, even Superheroes need a break now and then!)

  • be even more awesome!


What are you waiting for?

Call your Sidekick NOW on 0121 288 1322. 


Superhero Testimonial

Superhero Testimonial

"Tick Business carries out a variety of organisational tasks for us allowing us more time to concentrate on the core areas needed when growing our own business. They can be left to her own devices in the full knowledge that any task will be completed efficiently. We can't recommend them highly enough."

Steve Manley

Stephen Moylan

"Tick Business is a super-efficient way for people like me to get the kind of effective and reliable assistance that I need from time to time in my businesses. They keep me organised and make me so much more productive because I can trust them to quickly understand, manage and deal with most of the mundane business tasks that can prevent me from getting on with the high priority, revenue generating stuff. And the best thing is that I only pay for the time they work on my projects."


SUPERPOWER: Strategist

Busy changing the world right now?
Let us call you back! 

We will never reveal your Superhero identity and keep your details safe from spam villans and other cyber nasties!  

About Your Sidekick

Maribel Pascual

Maribel is the owner of Tick Business Support Ltd and has helped Superheroes from a variety of industries over the past 14 years. Her passion for helping people will add the KAPOW! to your business.


Her team of Super Sidekicks are waiting to help you today. After all, getting things done is what we do! 


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