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Small businesses are the foundation of our community.  We will all use regularly a small business as part of our daily tasks; whether it be outsourcing an element of your business administration, popping to the corner shop for a print of milk, or finding a really great gift through an Etsy business.  



Small businesses are important and are often built on hours or hard work, passion and blood sweat and tears.  When you use a small business you’re not funding another five star luxury trip you’re putting a smile back on that business owners face because it tells them they are doing something right.  


At Tick Business not only are we a small business but we also support small business owners by providing an extra pair of virtual hands.  Over the last few years we have built up a successful and professional business that has helped hundreds of other businesses achieve their goals. We’ve grown and expanded and created a passionate, proficient team with a real ‘can do’ attitude and we absolutely love finding solutions to our clients’ problems.  Unlike some big corporate companies we care about what we do for our clients.


To that end this year we have entered the Zoho Small Business Awards, which are all about celebrating the awesomeness of small businesses everywhere.  The prizes are fantastic totalling over $20,000 of prizes and software that would make a huge difference to what we are able to offer our clients.


Small businesses keep the economy turning, and sometimes you may be faced with challenges that only a small business can help with; with that in mind we would love it if you could spare a moment to vote for us in the Zoho Small Business Awards.  It’s really easy all you need to do is click the link.



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March 3, 2017

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