It’s not too late to achieve your goals for 2016

As we (unbelievably) head into December this is ironically a busy time for many business owners.  Juggling the impending business shut down for the Christmas holidays, making sure you RSVP and attend all those Christmas business lunches and ensuring your own ‘to do list’ doesn’t get forgotten about, can be a fraught time often with many evenings spent working outside your core hours.


It is worth reminding yourself at this point that in business, in order to succeed and reach your goals ‘Do ONLY the things you LOVE and OUTSOURCE the things you don't!’




This is what we consistently say to entrepreneurs, business coaches, mentors and other small business owners who approach us.  It is easy when you are immersed in your business 24/7 to forget this and there are times when you cannot see the wood for the trees.  Goal setting goes out the window and come the last day in the office you may well have resigned yourself of entering 2017 with tasks unfinished, targets not reached and a desk of cluttered notes.


Fear not, we know a thing or two about getting things done and below are just some of the ways that as a virtual business support service we have helped small business owners clear their task lists this month and given them a clearer more structured approach as they head into December and January.  Here are some examples of how we’ve helped various clients refocus towards the end of the year.


  • Seasons Greetings - many businesses still send Christmas cards but they are incredibly time consuming to write, put into envelopes and print.  We took care of this task for one client sending out their Christmas mailer to over 300 clients meaning that they had the time to personally reach out to those clients they wanted to improve relationships with as they head into 2017.

  • Social Media - just because it is Christmas doesn’t mean your social media has to shut down too.  It is vital to keep up on your social marketing even if you are on holiday.  We have helped several businesses this month by scheduling business and generic social content to be posted over the festive period so that followers don’t forget about what they do.

  • Diary Management - once we all hit the ground running in 2017 there will be new challenges to work on. Don’t forget that your existing clients will also need nurturing and we can make sure you stay on their radar by setting up New Year Meet & Greets.

  • Grow your client base - there are only so many hours in the day in which you can realistically achieve your goals.  Finding time to seek out and recruit new clients is one of the most time exhaustive business goals. Outsourcing this task is one that makes perfect sense.  Allow your virtual assistant to call your prospect list and introduce yourself and your business with a view to setting a mutually convenient appointment for you to find out more about their challenges and how you can help them.

  • Expand your product offering - nothing represents your business more than your products, so product improvement and development should be at the forefront of your goals.  Alongside this you need supporting marketing collateral to make new products attractive - finding a virtual assistant who specialises in design and product promotion and can work with you to do this can save you not only valuable hours but also prevent a lot of headaches!


Goal setting is important in any business because it provides focus and clear intent for where you want your business to go.  In order to meet those goals it is inevitable there are tasks you will outsource and whilst this may seem like an added expense the most logical way to look at it is as an investment to the growth and future of your business.  Outsourcing allows you to meet your goals in the most holistic approach for you and your business.


If you are finding yourself heading into December with unfinished tasks, missing links in projects and confusion about what to tackle first, then we’d love to show you how we can help with our free 30 minute business consultation. To book yours just give us a call - we do love a chat - 0121 288 1322.


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March 3, 2017

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