Top Tips for a Killer Facebook Campaign


If you're a small business you're probably like the thousands of other small businesses around the UK in that you've created a Facebook page to tell people about your business.  Whilst this is a great start Facebook is useful for so much more than that.  With over one billion active users every day on Facebook the platform is the perfect space to leverage content and grow your business.


But how do I do this I hear you asking?


The answer is simple - by investing in Facebook advertising for your business.  Not done it before? Don't panic, because we're really nice people here at Tick Business we've put together some of our top tips to get you started in creating a well-written and appropriately targeted campaign.




1. Decide on your metrics; what do you want to achieve most of all from your campaign? Are you looking to increase general website traffic, do you want to push a particular product or perhaps you want to increase your email marketing list. Whichever of these it is, you need to make this the primary objective of the campaign and focus only on that.  Too many options in your advert will only confuse visitors. In this case less really is more.



2. Be precise in your audience; let's face it nearly everyone has a Facebook account and as a result of this Facebook collects and collates all the user data from these individual profiles.  This data is like a goldmine for a business wanting to target a specific group of potential customers. Using Facebook's targeted advert feature you can reach out to potential customers within so many miles of your business location, those of a particular age range, gender and even specific interests and hobbies.





3. Have a clear call to action; as part of the advert creation process, it is vital that your advert is obvious in what you want people to do.  Adverts with strong messages have a stronger engagement amongst readers.  Focus on using phrases such as 'Sign Up Now', 'Get 25% off here', 'Discover How Now.' 





4. Be creative; think of your audience on Facebook as visual carnivores.  They literally gobble up and devour engaging content.  They respond to large graphics, creative video and action led adverts.  To find out what they love the best solution is to create a variety of advert options and test them to see which has the best reaction from your audience.  Once you can see a leader emerging put your budget into this advert rather than spreading it across adverts that aren't working.



5. Go mobile; don't assume in today's digital world that everyone of your potential customers is viewing on a computer.  2016 has seen a huge shift in mobile browsing and buying and therefore it is essential that any adverts you create are viewable and work just as well on a mobile device. Our top tip here for mobile adverts is use text free images of a high quality (sites like Canva have a fantastic affordable stock image library).




6. The perfect landing; now you're created the perfect audience and written the best advert it is time to make sure that the landing page you're directing people to is a reflection of the advert they've just seen.  As tempting as it is don't send them straight to your website - the best thing you can do is to create a stand alone landing page that follows up on the call to action from the advert.  This ensures they don't get confused about what you were asking them to and ultimately they can only buy the product you're promoting.


We hope you find these Facebook advertising tips and features useful as a starting point to trying Facebook advertising for your business.  If you're still a little nervous about giving it a go and getting it right then we'd love to help you.  Our team of social media experts can help you create a great campaign to boost your business. Interested? Contact us today to see how we can help 0121 663 1703 or


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