7 Key Alerts Every Business Should Track


As you know by now, Google’s key objective is to provide their customers with useful content. So businesses must follow suit if they want to rank in organic search results and create content that their target audience finds relevant based on the key words they use.


If you  – like most – struggle to find valuable content to share with your target audience or come up with ideas for your own content, then I’ve got a nifty and free little tool for you: Google Alerts.


So, what’s it for?


Google Alerts offers you an easy way to monitor your online presence and keywords without the cost of expensive or complicated services.


How do you best use this? By making sure you track the following 7 key alerts:

  1. Company name/mentions

  2. Services / product mentions

  3. Newly indexed website or content (like blog posts)

  4. Trade or industry topics

  5. Key staff names

  6. Your competitors

  7. Influencer’s names / news


How to set up Google Alerts


Since you are now aware of key ways to make use of this nifty tool, let’s get started and create some of our own alerts.


1. Click http://google.com/alerts and enter a search query (i.e. your company name)



2. You can now customise based on the following options:

  • Track all mentions of your company name or just  news, blogs, etc.

  • How often you would like to get an alert

  • Track only the best results or all (Google will determine which is which)

  • How you’d like to receive your alert; by email, RSS etc.


3. To further refine your searches to eliminate non-relevant alerts try using quotation marks around your key words (i.e. “small business marketing”), so that Google knows you only want to get an alert when the words are strung together rather than each word separately.


We hope you find this useful and make use of Google Alerts to further add to your marketing arsenal.


Already a big fan of Google Alerts? Got additional tips to share? Then please leave a comment. 



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