Every hero needs a sidekick


As a business owner, you possess a power that you may not have discovered yet. A super power that will have such a positive impact on your business, you will wonder what you ever did prior to its discovery.


Do you find that all too often time runs away with you? Are you battling with a never ending ‘to-do’ list?  What tasks frustrate you because you really should be getting on with something else?


It’s time to discover the Power of Delegation!


As with any new skill, we need to learn how to use it effectively and delegation is no exception. It can be hard to adjust for some people, especially those that find it difficult to let go of the reigns. If you are doing all the work yourself, then you have the control factor. YOU are responsible for ensuring tasks are completed and to the standard YOU are happy with. YOU are the person who ticks off the items on your ‘to-do’ list and YOU are the one who can ensure that your business is running just the way it should be.


It’s understandable that it can be a little daunting to start delegating tasks. Sometimes a sense of pride can prevent you from admitting that you need help and support, but try and look at it on the flip side. Your business has grown so much that it needs to expand, you need a second pair of hands and the benefits you will obtain from doing so will drive your business forward. You can take on the next level of responsibility.


With this in mind, here are 3 easy ways to help you to start delegating:-

  • Write a list of tasks that are easy to do. Things that you perform daily. Tasks that on an individual basis take a matter of minutes, but when you put them all together can take up potentially an hour or two of your time. Write next to each of these tasks how long it takes you to perform. These are the things you should start to delegate.  It may be that managing your inbox by deleting all of the unnecessary emails and spam takes you 15 minutes each morning. Could this be something that could be delegated? Scheduling your social media could perhaps take up a further 15 minutes? Before you know it your list of easy tasks is demonstrating that you spend up to 2 hours a day on performing duties that could be passed to someone else.

  • Do you find that you spend time trying to work out how to do something that you lack in expertise?  Could it be time to delegate these tasks to someone who has the skill set and can complete these items from your ‘to-do’ list in half the time? Perhaps you spend unproductive hours trying to update your WordPress website or create an email marketing campaign in Mail Chimp? Let someone who knows these systems perform these for you, allowing you to free up your time and concentrate on another area of your business that requires your particular skill set and knowledge. Focus on what your product or services actually is! What brings you the income! What makes your business a success!

  • The most important of all is to learn to let go! To enable you to do this you need to create a positive business relationship with your helping hand.  Build the like, know and trust factor. Start by delegating the smaller tasks and feel comfortable with outsourcing. Get this right and your business will fly!

You’ve now discovered the power of delegation! What next? Who can you delegate to? What support is available?


Every super hero needs a sidekick. Isn't it time you called yours? 0121 288 1322. 


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March 3, 2017

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