Do you do call answering? Virtual Assistant Explained


Do you do call answering?


This is usually the first question I get asked by people when they discover we offer Virtual Assistant services. But rather than responding to that, I usually ask, “What task do you hate the most running your business?” The answers vary but my response is the same. “Imagine what it would be like if you had someone to take care of that for you? That’s what a VA does.”


This is clearly a simplified version, so I thought I’d write a little bit more about us Virtual Assistants and how working with one could help your business grow:


A very large percentage of Virtual Assistants are business owners in their own right and therefore have a first rate understanding of the pressing issues many businesses face. They know what it means to negotiate the floods of tasks in a limited amount of time, as a matter of fact, they are experts in it. Experienced VAs are highly qualified and can help you with services that reach far beyond simple diary management or call answering. Some specialise in project management or event management whilst others are qualified in marketing or social media. Whatever your business need(s), there’s a VA for that.


How do you spot a good VA from a bad VA?
When recruiting a VA you should always treat the hiring process as you would with a full time member of staff. Do your research and be clear about what your requirements are, then find the right fit for your business. Don’t be shy and ask your business contacts, some of them may already be working with an assistant and may be able to recommend someone. It’s also important not to be swayed by cheap rates. Experienced UK based VAs charge from £25 per hour upwards.


When you have shortlisted a couple of candidates, ask questions, conduct interviews and request references. You will soon be able to tell who knows their ‘stuff’.


An experienced VA will ask many questions in return to help her understand how she can assist you best and in the event she does not have the expertise herself, can refer you to someone in her vast network who can help. Either way, it pays to make a connection with a VA as they are often very well connected.

Still not convinced?

Here are some financial benefits of collaborating with a Virtual Assistant:

  • VAs are independent contractors; eliminating payroll taxes, holiday pay, sick days, pension and health insurance

  • VAs use the most up to date software eliminating the need for internal investment or training

  • No additional office space or equipment purchases required

  • Keep your projects on track without having to pay overtime

  • Eliminate training costs and expenses

  • Pay only for time spent on your project

  • No agency fees for temporary labour


So, where’s the catch? Let me be honest with you. There is one HUGE drawback to this whole thing. Given that VAs work remotely, she will be unable to bring you your morning coffee. *collective gasps*


She CAN however give you the TIME to go out and enjoy a hot drink in peace and quiet in your favourite café. Which is probably a much nicer option, isn’t it?


But don’t just take my word for it, pick up the phone and get in touch with a VA of your choice and see what she can do for you.

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