3 Common Time Wasters – Part 1


Most of us have milked a mouse before. Not literally, of course. Mouse-milking refers to a task or project that is a real waste of your time when you measure it against your priorities.


Here are five common ways to mouse-milk:
  • Doing a task too well

  • Taking too long to complete a task

  • Doing something that keeps you from focussing on tasks with a higher priority

  • Doing something you could easily delegate

  • Doing something that saves you from a task you hate doing

Identify your mouse-milking activities

Make a list any mouse-milking activities you do yourself. You can add any to the list below, these are just a few examples to help you get you started. But be honest with yourself!

  • You deal with emails twice, rather than once using the delegate, schedule, archive or delete method (more in another post soon!)

  • Arrange meetings and book your own appointments

  • Chase clients for payments

  • Research suitable content for your social media feeds

  • Write your own blogs, newsletters etc

  • [insert your mouse-milking activities here]

How to take control

When you catch yourself mouse-milking, stop for a second and ask yourself if you are actually procrastinating a more important task. (I will cover ‘Procrastination’ in another post soon, so be sure to keep checking back or simply sign up so you’ll never miss a post.) But coming back to today’s post, once you become aware of your habits and by starting to tackle them, you will start to increase the FREE TIME you have been waiting for to spend it on something you really want to do. Awareness is key here.

Most mouse milking tasks can easily be delegated to a Virtual Assistant. Imagine how great if will feel, knowing all these things are taken care off and you don’t have to do them yourself anymore! After all your time is better spent on tasks only you can do and which will bring in the money, right?


If you want to find out, how to delegate common mouse milking activities to us, get in touch!

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