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Time-saving tips for email/diary management

Let’s be honest business owners, we rely on our diaries more than we like to admit. They are our holy grail when it comes to reminding us of meetings and where we are for the day, so figuring out how to optimise them to get the most out of our time is essential. So here are a few tips:

Add lunch breaks

If you want to manage your time effectively you need to include any and all lunch breaks, regular coffee breaks or screen-free time. This way you know your day to the minute (and also look forward to the coffee break).

Make time for travelling, school run and other chores you may have to do.

By including these personal tasks you allow for a thorough rundown of your day, allowing you the opportunity to squeeze in a quick coffee or meeting with a client if it arises.

Colour code your diary

Use different colours for the different types of tasks so once you’re familiar with the coding you can take a quick glance at what you’ve got planned for the day ahead.

If you have international clients, remember to take into consideration time zones.

The last thing you want to happen is to be late to a virtual meeting because you lost track of time.

Respond to meeting requests promptly

This is a must if you want to avoid the possibility of being double booked and letting people down, which can make you look unprofessional and unorganised. With the right tools, double-booking should be a thing of the past.

Leave gaps between meetings

Booking meetings back to back, particularly if they’re online can be exhausting, you need to allow yourself time to think and your mind to relax, which doesn’t happen when you’re staring at a screen every minute of the day.

Utilise booking tools

There are plenty of tools that can help you manage your diary more efficiently - Calendly, Zoho Bookings, Acuity, are great tools to set up booking links so your customers can conveniently book a time to suit them. Just set your availability and share your link.

Want to know more? Book in a free call to see how we can help.


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