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How Asana can help with Team Tasks and Projects

When working with a team it’s important to have your to do lists and projects all in one place. Asana allows you to work from a space which is organised and focused, so that not only you but also your team gets a clear view of their goals, projects and tasks all in one place – making collaboration a breeze.

Asana has a wide variety of features that make the site appealing to everyone. You can choose to work from your traditional to-do list or an editorial calendar or if you have a number of clients, you might find that you use a mix of both. Within the list you can create your projects or main tasks and assign a due date to each one. Your calendar is the same, but if you have a project that isn’t in easy view, meaning you have to scroll to the next month to see it then you could possibly use sub-tasks instead of just your main project. This is so that your team don’t have to scroll to the main project completion date every time they’re looking for their sub task. This is where the tool becomes great for project management.

Once you’ve clicked on each project, you can see all of the sub tasks along with the individual assignees and due dates. You can create and complete sub tasks as well as add attachments, images and links. As team members complete the tasks, you get desktop or email notifications updating you on the status of the task.

What’s so helpful about Asana, is that for each sub task there is a section to add comments. So, your main project doesn’t get bombarded with unnecessary conversation that isn’t relating to most people in the team. If you and your team would prefer to communicate using another site, then there is always the option to integrate Asana with your chosen tool. Microsoft Teams is just one of the apps you’re able to use alongside Asana to save yourself time going between the two apps.

A great features of Asana, is that it can be used on your mobile device. You can manage your inbox and conversations with teams as well as seeing your to do list for the day, before you even get to your office desk. You’re also able to make edits right from your phone and complete your to do list as you’re leaving the office.

All in all, Asana is a really useful tool for our small team so if you’re looking for a project management tool to help you and your team to manage tasks and projects, it’s worth trying out Asana to see how you get on with it. After all, it’s free.

If you’re still struggling to manage that dreaded to-do list or you’d like some help getting started with Asana, book in to see how we can help!


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