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Four ways to grow your email list

Regardless of the type of industry you’re in, one thing is clear when owning a small business - you need a strong email list of subscribers. These are the people who will be (hopefully) revisiting your site, reading your content, referring and using your services. But sometimes the growth of that list can become stagnant.

1. Make sure your website has an email sign-up option.

Have a landing page or email sign-up form on your website. Ensure it is clear and in a good position that people are able to see it well. You could even consider using a pop up to grab your audience's attention. If you consider this option then you should make sure the pop up is clear and concise as well as having a clear sign up information box.

2. Create a lead magnet

If you haven’t already considered providing a lead magnet then now might be the time to do it. Is there a question you consistently get asked by customers? Or do you have expert knowledge that people would benefit from? Then this could be the perfect opportunity to provide a free resource to build your email list. All they have to do is provide their email address to access this resource, it could be a document, a video etc.

3. Add a call to action to each of your social media profiles

Draw attention to your email list by discussing the benefits of signing up, it could be exclusive offers or resources they can access. You can create a landing page with an email signup form, once that is ready you can simply add that to your social media profiles.

4. Link to your sign up form in your email signature

It’s likely you send many emails a day, these may be to current customers or even prospective ones. Including that link in your email is a gentle reminder to those you speak with on a daily basis.

For more advice on how to get your business running efficiently then book a free call to see how we can help.

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