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Do you need an OBM in your business?

It’s easy to find yourself overwhelmed within your business, especially if you’re flying solo and you're wearing many different hats. Responding to emails, scheduling socials, updating your site and the list goes on. But at what point do you need an Online Business Manager to help? Here are some key signs.

Tasks for your business are eating into your free time.

As your business grows are you working more or less time? You’re not on your own if you’re spending more time than you planned completing the mundane tasks you’d rather not be doing.

The chances are you started out your business for the freedom of time and choice, right? But it turns out you’re working more hours than you were in your previous job and now you’re stuck working in your business when you should or want to be working on your business..

You’re still doing the same things you were when you first started the business

When you first started up your business you had to take on lots of roles to keep the business functioning, now you’ve expanded you find yourself still completing the same tasks you were at the beginning. What are the tasks that you should not have to do yourself? Write these down! Most business owners list things such as social media posting, blog writing, marketing activities, admin etc. But it’s also worth considering which systems and processes aren’t working or should be written down for you to scale up and hand over to someone else. These could be your client onboarding, payment options set up as recurring automated payments, CRM setup, workflows and much more. An OBM can help you record and implement these vital processes and systems.

You have to turn away opportunities because you’re so busy

An Online Business Manager can help free up your time so that you can take on more exciting opportunities to expand your business and increase your income. Most experienced OBMs are also highly skilled project and resource managers and many (like us) bring their own team or they can help manage yours.

You have a vision for growth within your business

If you know where you want your business to go in the next 3,5 or even 10 years then an OBM can help you figure out the path you want to be on. They can help you to move forward, strategise to make your business more efficient and leave you with time to nurture your business how you see fit.

Not sure how to find a good OBM?

As with any member of the team, think of the role and responsibilities you want them to perform and then ask other business owners for a referral for someone who matches that description. Keep in mind an OBM is not the same as a Virtual Assistant which is why a job description is crucial. Looking for someone you have to manage and assign tasks to? Then you’re probably better off with a VA. But if you need a business and ops manager or someone with a high level of tech skills, then you’ll need to speak to an OBM.

If you want to have a chat about how we can help you scale up your business, then book in for a free call.


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