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Do Infographics really work?

On the marketing front, infographics have been successful at sharing information since digital marketing started out. However more recently there have been questions being asked about how effective they really are, do they really work the same way?

Here are a few factors to consider so your infographics oomph up your marketing.

Visuals speed up the rate information is being processed.

The mind processes images much faster than text, so if you’re wanting to put out useful information to get your customers clicking on your site, remember visuals can help make decisions faster.

They can increase your content’s exposure

Your business is best promoted when your content is useful and the info meaningful to your audience. This could be interesting statistics that you’ve put together or popular questions that you’ve been asked.

It’s been said that the use of infographics enhances the drive to read by 80%, meaning that more people will be reading your content rather than skipping past it. You also want to be consistent with your branding to build trust and drive brand awareness.

They can build brand credibility

Infographics can really help build brand credibility if the information you’re sharing is accurate and useful. Think of your customer, what is useful to them? What are the pain points your infographic can help them solve? If potential clients/customers find your page helpful, you will find that you’ll get more visits and more potential customers heading your way.

Not only this, but it increases the likelihood of your content being shared, particularly if the marketing is done well.

Still not convinced? Take a look at other interesting statistics we found about infographics:

· Posts with Images have a 650% higher engagement rate

· Posts with infographics create 178% additional inbound backlinks

· Using coloured infographics can boost a reader’s attention span and comprehensibility by 82%

Check out more here.

So, do infographics really work? We’d say yes – if done right. So keep your key audience in mind when creating infographics and share them in easy to digest ways that encourage them to post it to their audience.

If you want to have a chat to see how we can help make your business tick, book in for a free call.


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