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#AskMaz - How do I use the bulk create feature on Canva?

How do I use the bulk create feature on Canva?

You may or may not know that Canva has a bulk create feature. Let’s say you want to create an invitation to a business event but you don’t have time to personalise them to every customer, then this is how the bulk create feature can save you tons of time.

You first create your new design and choose a template (or create your own, if you’re feeling creative).

Leave everything in the template as it is, but add in a text box above the details of your event.

Go to Apps and search Bulk Create Feature.

If you’ve already got a spreadsheet full of data you can upload it at this point or you can enter the data manually.

For an invitation you’d like to have every individual to have their name on the invitation. So enter their names in the list and click done.

Now we can connect this data by right clicking on the text box you just added.

When you connect your data, click on just name.

Click continue and double check the list of names to make sure the information is correct and you’re not missing anybody.

And then generate your invitations.

There you have it, your personalised invitations, same design, different name. Of course this doesn’t just have work for invitations, you can use this feature to send thank you cards etc.


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