16 Nov 2016

Fact: Having deadlines can improve your performance but you must also know how to keep a track of them.

The problem is that many small business owners are juggling so much at any one time they often lose sight of what the deadlines are and which ones they need to achieve for the s...

14 Nov 2016

If you're a small business you're probably like the thousands of other small businesses around the UK in that you've created a Facebook page to tell people about your business.  Whilst this is a great start Facebook is useful for so much more than that.  With over one billion act...

19 Jun 2014

Do you do call answering?

This is usually the first question I get asked by people when they discover we offer Virtual Assistant services. But rather than responding to that, I usually ask, “What task do you hate the most running your business?” The answers vary but my response i...

2 May 2014

All businesses will eventually have to deal with negative customer feedback and playing the blame game can be tempting. But there are far better ways to manage a disgruntled customer and dealing with a complaint effectively and promptly can turn a potential loss into a new opport...

15 Apr 2014

Most of us have milked a mouse before. Not literally, of course. Mouse-milking refers to a task or project that is a real waste of your time when you measure it against your priorities.


Here are five common ways to mouse-milk:

  • Doing a task too well

  • Taking too long to comp...

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