24 Jul 2015

Today I'm going to show you a Facebook setting to give you a little extra peace of mind from the old cyber nasties. This setting allows Facebook to send you a text message to your mobile when someone (including you) is trying to log in from somewhere else (IP address). This way n...

20 Jul 2015

As a business owner, you possess a power that you may not have discovered yet. A super power that will have such a positive impact on your business, you will wonder what you ever did prior to its discovery.


Do you find that all too often time runs away with you? Are you battling...

15 Jul 2015


For a cloud based business, like TiCK Business Support, Gmail is a great email provider as it's so accessible, flexible and affordable. One thing that always annoyed me a little though is that I couldn't seem to find a way to use it as my default mail client. What do I mean? Eac...

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